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Silver Fern
Posted: Sunday, June 11, 2017 8:20:07 AM
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Hello once again fellow enthusiasts,

Its been sometime since i last posted on here, been working away to much but have still been collecting along the way. One model I have been fortunate enough to acquire during the last 18 months is a Mammoet livery LR 1750 but unfortunately its missing some pennant lines, 4 x K (short) and 8 x L (long). It appears the previous owner had the YCC metal pennant kit on there but it wasn't supplied with the model. I only received what was left of the plastic ones that weren't misplaced during the conversion.

I have made contact with the previous owner and both they and I are currently seeking replacements through Conrad but given its production ceased so long ago I don't like my chances and would like to go one better for this more than deserving model.

What I am after is a complete YCC metal pennant kit in Mammoet livery (YC 681-1) as the model needs a bit of a birthday. I'm currently masking up the boom connection points and will blacken them out. I have the etched walkways on their way and will replace the sheaves with brass ones.

I have searched the web and exhausted all avenues through retailers as they have all been long sold out and are being told YCC are not filling retailers orders, so I have come to forum for help. I am now hoping a fellow member may have one tucked away and will be willing to part with it or knows where one could be sourced. I know its a long shot but if one doesn't ask, then one will never receive. I am prepared to pay good money plus shipping to Australia but only through Paypal.

Worst case I will have to strip and paint my yellow set which are living on my Franz Bracht livery LG1750 but thats not going to happen and would settle for the plastic version first if Conrad come through with the goods. If anyone is willing to part ways with a new or used but complete set, please send me a PM and I will happily consider all options.

Fingers crossed and thanking someone in advance, I hope......Pray Pray Pray Pray

Posted: Monday, June 12, 2017 5:41:17 AM
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Hi Shane,

Unable to help out with the YCC pendants, had the same problem a few years back, had email from YCC saying that they had no plans to start producing the pendants sets in the forceable future concentrating on production of the LTM1400, but never say never. I did manage to get a set from a fellow collector, sorry but, that does not help. If you have no luck with Conrad I may be able to help out with the plastic pendants, just need to have a good look around in my workshop I know I have a few spares around the place, just let me know how you get on.

Steve B
Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 12:03:24 PM

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How about asking how many more collectors would wish to have a few of these pennants re-manufactured?

Half of a dozen guys willing to get 10 or 20 pennants each may justify pooling together and have a machinist doing them with a CNC through metal sheets (brass or steel)...

Pennants are not so hard to have machined from metal sheets, and chances are someone on this forum may have such equipment for doing a small run. Confused

How about that?


Playing with toys since 1970, now building them.
Silver Fern
Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017 7:12:50 PM
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Thanks for the offer birdman, I'll keep you I'm mind if it gets to that. I have since received a response from Conrad but it won't be until next week before I find out if they have any available. It dose look promising however as they have several models now that utilise the red pennants.

I didn't expect I'd be rushed with offers from collectors willing to part with such rare and hard to come by YCC peices. But as I said, if you don't ask then you won't know. In the meantime I'll keep searching, you never know.

Thank for the replies guys.

Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2017 9:24:44 PM
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If anyone has the Weiss Brothers reeving tools, that same manufacturing technology could easily apply to pendant bars...

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